Accelerating Corporate Innovation

Large enterprises find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with innovation and new business models. Restrained by slower innovation and execution cycles, they are faced with new competition from the fast flipping startup economy covering new markets faster and faster. The most disruptive innovations are seen to be those that go beyond technical discovery to embrace business models and innovations that disrupt industries and create new markets.

Lean like a Startup,

professional like a grown business

Startups are trying different things, different business models, different demographic segmentations of clients they are going after, different marketing tactics, and this is not just a tech phenomena, it is tech trespassing on lots of different areas pretty quickly. Moving fast, Startups are the well-suited place to develop innovation. However, 99% of the time, failure is behind the corner and resources are a big problem for young StartUps. Corporates can bring important assets to the table as access to funds, an existing customer portfolio and specific industry know how.

Corporates meet Startup’s

How does it work?

We dig into how corporations can use startups to innovate faster, and depending on the particular corporate needs and the commitment of resources, we are offering a full range of Corporate-StartUp collaboration. It all starts elaborating disruptive ideas, analyzing markets to identify opportunities, and understanding competitor activity. After an initial evaluation period, we will develop a strategy and in compliance with our Partner, we will start building exciting digital companies, together with top-talent and seasoned entrepreneurs. The close partnership between Pioneers Discover, Speedinvest and Speedinvest Studio forms the ideal epicentre for digital innovation

Investment Partners

Revolutionizing European Venture Capital


Europe is filled with technology and talent. Global innovation in the last century has been driven by European minds: Tesla, Siemens, Einstein, Planck. Today, Europe still consistently produces world-class talent, but there is a gap between raw ability and the resources required to build competitive technology and companies.

Speedinvest not only invests capital in world-class talent, but also provides the entrepreneurial know-how, and operational experience that is rare outside of a place like Silicon Valley, but is so essential to building great companies.

We take world-class talent and create world-class companies.


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