About us

Leadership Team

Austria’s Premium Company Builder

We are building digital companies with the support of selected business partners, creating and developing new innovative ideas all mixed with a vibrant and young entrepreneurial spirit. Our founders are serial entrepreneurs, with a proven record of building successful StartUps all over Europe. Focusing on the digitalization of non digital markets, and with offices in Vienna and Dornbirn, we are able to strategically cover Austria’s StartUp scene from an end of the country to the other. At Speedinvest Studio we invest in world-class talents, providing the entrepreneurial know-how, and operational experience needed to build great companies.

Innovation & Experience

We are developing disruptive and emerging technologies to build new exciting products. Using the right combination of innovation and experience, we empower Talents and unleash passion, through our unique career model. Targeting traditionally non-digital industries, we dive deep into markets, analysing and identifying business opportunities. Building High-Tech StartUps by using an exclusive combination of investments, young talents and entrepreneurial know-how. At Speedinvest Studio, we are reshaping industries and adding extra-value to existing businesses.